Woman carried on cot, gives birth midway


Mayurbhanj: A woman gave birth to a child midway while she was being carried on a cot after ambulance failed to reach the pickup point due to non-availability of motorable road in Chaulagheri village of Bagirposhi block in Mayurbhanj district.

According to sources, the pregnant woman got into labour following which her family members called up the ambulance service. Although the ambulance arrived, it halted far away from the pick point, due to the poor road connectivity, said a source.

Left with no alternative, her family members, with the help of other villagers carried the woman on their shoulders on a cot. The plight didn’t end there as they had to cross a river to reach near the ambulance. Meanwhile, the woman delivered the baby on her way to the ambulance.

The woman and her newborn were then brought to the hospital in the ambulance stationed on the other side of the river. The condition of the woman and the newborn was stated to be stable.

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