Wish To Extend Shelf Life Time Of Bananas? Here’s What Chef Vikash Khanna Does

New Delhi: Bananas don’t need an introduction as they have been an inseparable part of our day-to-day diet. But one thing that most banana lovers hate is that it starts rotting very quickly. In fact, at times the whole bunch can turn brown and black in just a few days and the worst part is that you cannot revive these bananas after that and all you can do is just throw them in the bin.

However, chef Vikas Khanna has discovered a trick to extend the shelf lifetime of bananas, a technique that “actually works” in accordance with him.

The movie star chef, who has been “experimenting” with methods to do it, shared a video on Twitter, wherein he’s seen protecting the stem of some bananas with a moist tissue. “I used to be experimenting on methods to extend the shelf lifetime of bananas. Wrapping the stem with plastic wrap or protecting it with moist tissue,” he instructed.

Watch the video: