Winter Becomes More Joyous In Koraput With Blooming Of Alasi Flowers


Koraput: Covered with dense forests, hilly terrains, pristine waterfalls and carved by deep valleys, Odisha’s Koraput enchants the melody of vailing tribal rhythm wearing a spectacle.

Lying along the Eastern Ghat mountains, this tribal dominant region of Odisha offers a lot of variety to travellers. The journey from the plains to the foothills of Koraput is an adventure in itself.

With rare varieties of orchids, rare medicinal plants, spectacular terrain, and breathtaking beauty, Koraput hills flawlessly showcase the beauty of Alasi Flower every winter.

Winter becomes even more joyous, thanks to a golden aura that fills acres of farmland in the region with the blooming of Alasi flowers.

The rising and setting sun between the mountain peaks during winter enriches the beauty of these yellow shiny flowers and adds to the mesmerising flora and fauna in the region.

Fluttering and dancing in the breeze, Alasi fields behold anyone going nearby them visualising them that the earth has covered with a yellow and shiny blanket.

Tourists and travelers always turn such places into picnic spots allowing themselves to feel scenic beauty in the lap of nature. Besides, commuters also never miss clicking a selfie while parking their vehicles on the roadside.

Deomali, the highest mountain of Odisha, which is dotted with brooks and deep valleys, and inhabited by tribes also describes its page with beautiful Alasi flowers.

It is not only a marvel for the tourists but also to the adventurous sports lovers for hang gliding, mountaineering, and trekking.

So…spent some quality time here away from the dust and pollution of the cities this winter.

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