Will Never Bow Down Before “Cowards And Dictators”: Priyanka Gandhi


New Delhi: After Congress MP Rahul Gandhi was disqualified as Lok Sabha MP, his sister Priyanka Gandhi hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a strongly worded series of tweets.

In the thread that she began by mentioning PM Modi, Congress leader Priyanka contested him to do whatever he wants but her family will not bow down before “cowards” and “dictators”.

“The blood that runs in our veins has one speciality… Never bowed down in front of a coward, power-hungry dictator like you and will never bow down. Do whatever you want,” Priyanka’s concluding line read.

Priyanka asked whether the Prime Minister considered Gautam Adani important that the people of the country. She added that the PM was shocked when he was questioned by Rahul over the “loot” done by Adani.

“Rahul, like a true patriot, questioned Adani’s loot and raised questions on Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi…. Has your friend Gautam Adani become bigger than the country’s parliament and the great people of India that you were shocked when his loot was questioned?”

Priyanka Gandhi said that the Prime Minister was neither disqualified nor handed jail term when he insulted the Kashmiri Pandits.

Priyanka on Thursday had that her brother lived speaking the truth and would continue to do so.

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