Wildfire grasps forests in Kalahandi, Koraput, Sambalpur districts


Bhawanipatna/Koraput/Sambalpur: Wildfire erupted in three separate patches of forests in districts including Kalahandi, Koraput and Sambalpur. The wild fire started today due to lack of awareness among the villagers and inadequate precautionary measures by the forest department of the State.

The wild fire gutted many valuable trees at forest range surrounding M. Rampur in Kalahandi District. When asked regarding the incident, forest officials defended their stance by saying that they are incapable of extinguishing such a huge fire outbreak in the forest.

Similarly, major fire outbreak incidents have also been reported in two other forest ranges in Koraput and Sambalpur district.

While some patches of forest near Kirligumma panchayat under Dasmantpur in koraput district gutted in the wild fire with emission of heavy smoke, fire officials are engaged to douse a major fire outbreak at reserve forest near Motijharan in Sambalpur.

The spread of smoke due to the wild fire and the rising heat wave have raised tough conditions for locals and wild animals as well following which wild animals in fear of fire are seen venturing into human habitations.

However, with increase in wild fire incidents, the temperature in the state has reached at an alarming stage as well posing a threat to the ecosystem.

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