“Wife Ill, Son Studies Abroad”: Manish Sisodia During Bail Hearing In Delhi Court


New Delhi: Former Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Tuesday, requesting bail, told a Delhi court that his wife is ill and there’s nobody to take care of her. His lawyer said that his son studies abroad, and hence it’s his responsibility to look after her.

The Central Bureau of Investigation, which arrested him on February 26, opposed his bail, saying he is at such a high post in the government that he can easily not just hide, but even destroy, evidence related to the case.

Sisodia argued that he has cooperated with the CBI investigation into the Delhi excise policy case and none of the searches have revealed any incriminating material against him. His lawyer said his custodial interrogation was no longer required and he was not a flight risk.

“I am a public servant, but two other public servants, against whom allegations are graver, have not been arrested,” his counsel contended, adding that there’s no documentary evidence of receiving kickbacks against him.

The CBI argued that even if Sisodia is not a flight risk, he can influence witnesses and hamper the investigation if set free.

Sisodia’s counsel also told the court that all the offences alleged entails less than seven years of imprisonment in the case, and any further incarceration is not justified.

Manish Sisodia held 18 portfolios, and had all the information, CBI’s lawyer said, and alleged that he destroyed multiple phones that he had used, and even some crucial files.

The counsel appearing for the CBI submitted that frequently changing of phones by the former deputy chief minister was not an innocent act, but deliberately done for destruction of evidences in the case.

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