White tiger Sneha’s cubs severely injured in Nandankanan


Bhubaneswar: Two of the three cubs of famous white tiger Sneha at the Nandankanan Zoological Park have hurt their legs badly. While one cub had fallen from a tree branch earlier this month another got hurt by falling from the same tree on Tuesday.

Sneha’s cub famous across the world for being a melanistic tiger (one with black stripes) hurt its left hind leg on January 6. Another cub, a white tiger, also fell from the same tree and git hurt badly in the hind leg.

After the animal caretaker spotted the cubs limping, he informed the veterinary Sarat Chandra Sahu and the local ranger and the cubs were taken for X-ray when it was found that their legs have been severely injured. The melanistic cub has a grave injury while the white cub has a fracture which has been plastered.

Nandankanan deputy director Jayant Dash said that the tree that has been causing these accidents has been cut down to avoid such incidents in future.

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