White Jamun: Know Benefits Of This Unique Fruit


New Delhi: White Jamun is a summer fruit that is tasty as well as healthy. White Jamun is better known by a plethora of English names including wax apple, love apple, java apple, Semarang rose-apple, and wax jambu. It is also known as bell fruit because of its bell-like shape, and water apple. Not many are aware of this unique fruit and how to add it to your diet. It is rich in essential nutrients and can perfectly fit into your summer diet. Just like several other summer fruits, while Jamun has a high water content that can keep you hydrated in the summer.

Control Diabetes

Jambosine is a type of alkaloid found in rose apples, that has shown promising results in regulating the conversion of starch into sugar. This may be an important development for those living with diabetes and who are at risk of developing this condition. Further research is ongoing about the impact of jambosine on blood sugar control. Traditionally in folk medicine, an infusion of roasted seed powder was said to be helpful against diabetes.

Aid in Digestion

The composition of rose apples – rich dietary fiber combined with high water content – makes them very good for regulating the passage of food through your digestive tract, relieving constipation, and perhaps, more serious health conditions. Also, in traditional medicine, the seeds of the fruit have been used to prevent diarrhea and dysentery.

Heart Health

The nutrient combination in rose apples – low in sodium and high in potassium, water, and other beneficial compounds – may have positive effects on lowering blood pressure. Lowering risk for hypertension and protecting heart health can lead to a lower risk of atherosclerosis, thereby preventing cardiovascular complications like heart attacks, strokes, and coronary heart diseases.

Boost Immunity

The active and volatile components in rose apple have been linked to having antimicrobial and anti-fungal effects. These antimicrobial and antifungal effects can help protect the skin from developing various infections and can boost the immune system against illness and infectious diseases.

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