After hours urgent care are the services that are offered after normal working hours or days. For instance during evening hours (5.30Pm-7.30Pm) and during weekends These services have a positive impact to the society especially to human life. Hospitals on the other hand offer their services by adhering to normal working schedule:10 answer the question that linger on our minds, Where should I go and when, After-hours urgent care or Hospita17,is a question that can be answered according to the nature of attention needed. Below is a detailed glimpse of what one needs to do when they find themselves in such a situation. One needs to weigh the two and finally get the directions for doing what is necessary

(A). The afterhours urgent care. As defined earlier their services are offered after the normal working hours. Then one should be able to look at the following.

effectiveness and level of competence Most of these services are offered with the high rate of effectiveness as this is done by service providers in order to keep good reputation and also create market for their services Such facilities ensure that service providers are competent enough to deliver For instance most family health attendants have their services growing fast by offering good services to their clients.

2 Availability Emergency is one thing that happens unexpectedly, it can occur any time. Those emergencies that occur within late hours or early hours of the day are usually attended to by the afterhours urgent care. These are the appropriate service providers that can salvage the situation especially when the emergency is life threatening. Having contact details enables ambulance services to be provided for quickly. Time of the incident is the major determining factor for this.

3Jhe cost This is an important factor that needs to be considered before any attempt to get the services When one is in a position to afford these services, well and good The value for money statement has a fact in it because anything that is so valuable, money has to be spent for it. Therefore after hours urgent care offer quality services for money.

(B). Hospitals these are health facilities which works within the recommended time. These facilities normally run from 8.00 Am-S.00Pm.They also offer quality services and also stand the chances of giving free medical services, a good example being the county hospitals.Likewise,one should be able to look at the following in details

  1. Competence Are services providers able to deliver? In most cases Hospitals have found themselves on the receiving end lately with cases of malpractices when one feels that they need quality services, then this can be achieved by weighing level of competence between the two

2 Availability during working hours, services can be obtained from Hospitals life threatening emergencies cannot wait; therefore rushing to these facilities greatly saves many lives that would have been lost.

  1. Cost these are the facilities which offer lower bills compared to the Afterhours urgent care. The payment for services one needs should be within their means when your pocket says No, than you should just avoid cases of struggling to foot higher bills and choose that which will not pin you down. The choice of an individual directly depends on factors above depending on the magnitude of the need for attention. The time one needs an attention also affects ones decision When one knows what has to be done, then they get to answer the question. Life is a chance that occurs only once hence decisions related to life needs to done with understanding.

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