Where can you buy app installs and reviews?

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One of the most effective ways to advertise a mobile application is definitely motivating installs, but the rating of the program should not be underestimated. It is closely related to installs. Even if your program has a large number of downloads, but does not have a positive rating, it is almost impossible to be at the top, so buying positive reviews is important. So we can tell you about where you can buy app installs and reviews.

To get a positive rating, you need to know the basic rules. People spend much time online and track app reputation and what others say about the products they use.  You can create a page or group for your product anywhere: Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, etc. They are the good platform for buying app installs and reviewsThere you can make thematic publications, present the benefits of your product and thus attract attention. In social networks, you can hold various competitions, such as Like Time, exchange comments, and so on. This way, your page will be displayed at the Top.

If you already have your own website, then this is also a huge plus for product advertising. It is very important to add to the page icons and a call for downloading a mobile application. You can also buy positive reviews on thematic sites popular with your open audience.  This will attract the attention of the audience.

The blogging profession has become quite popular, so why not take advantage of it? They are actively involved in advertising various products. You can buy positive reviews from them with a link to your application in the application store. To do this, you should contact either directly or their advertising agent, who will offer a contract.

You can also buy app installs and reviews on Google Play. This is done by special companies. They post several reviews on the page of your application every day, thus attracting the attention of customers. In theory, you can do it yourself, but it is not a rational waste of time.

iOS and Android reviews have different requirements to stay longer on the app page. The thing is that market algorithms work differently for them. IP of the install should be the same for the device, App Store, and device (for example, you should not order reviews that start with the install from China with the device from China and App Store). You can order keyword install + rate and review in one session. Algorithm is sensitive for the number of daily reviews, but does not count the rate of reviews that are removed or still alive.

Prepare original texts that reflect the user experience with your product. You should indicate the advantages of the application and its features that may impress a potential customer. Enter the main keywords but do not specify spam words, promo codes, and special symbols. Texts should be unique, simple, and without volume. Before publishing, check it for grammatical mistakes. You should write the text in full phrases, so try to limit the most popular phrases like, “Cool!”, “Great!” and others. But it is not necessary to rush from one extreme to another. You must add no hypertexts because often people miss large texts and read-only small ones. Do not use the same text even for your app twice. If a customer notices this they may stop trusting your application.

Reviews are your pick for a brand fight. Both markets are strict in their rules. You can not write someone’s brand name in your meta or adopt visuals. App Store and Google Play will either ban the app or pessimize you in search. Think about the reviews as an opportunity here. Technically and practically, people can place reviews and comment, discuss, compare you with other brands.

The strategies for App Store and Google Play in keyword promotion are also different. The official statistic of Apple states that 65% of downloads are done from the search. This data shows us that you should deal with your app’s page optimization. Then, you can take advantage of the biggest traffic source. To beat your rivals, leverage keyword promotion and add them to your meta. The App Store algorithm is field-oriented. So, the key points for your position are your title, subtitle, and keyword field. So you should buy app installs and reviews keeping in mind these features.

Once you’ve collected your keywords, you can start buying installs. The user of android pays per install  $ 20 for the test campaign. To do this, you choose a non-competitive or low-complexity word for promotion.

The user of android pays per install $ 120 for the main campaign. But the first campaign has a 50 percent discount, so it will pay $ 60. Choose the most relevant keywords with a score of 5-6.

Positive review greatly affects the position. The more positive reviews from your program, the more popular it is. But remember an important rule – there are no bad reviews. If reading the reviews of the application, the consumer will see only the positive, distrust may arise. There should be more positive reviews, but negative ones should not be supplanted. The installing for iOS also has features for successful promotion. Before you buy app installs and reviews, you should get acquainted with all the features of the platform.

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