WhatsApp Unveils Payments Backgrounds Feature: Here’s Everything You Should Know


New Delhi: The Facebook-owned messaging giant, WhatsApp has recently unveiled a feature that will allow the users to add Payments Backgrounds while sending money to friends and family through WhatsApp.

Reportedly, it is designed in partnership with the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), on the Unified Payment Interface (UPI). The company claimed it to be India’s first real-time payment system that enables transactions with over 227 banks.

This is built for India with exciting and memorable features as it helps people easily convey a feeling along with sending money.

Director of WhatsApp Payments- Mahatme said “With Payments Backgrounds, our effort is to bring excitement to everyday payments through WhatsApp and enable our users to express themselves if they wish, through a range of emotive themes denoting celebrations, affection, warmth, or fun. We believe that sending and receiving money is so much more than just a transaction

WhatsApp has created this thematic range of artful expressions to complement sending payments on birthdays, holidays, or for gifts and travel. The core idea of this feature update is to create a more personalised experience for the sender as well as the receiver by adding an element of expression when friends and family exchange money.

Whether it is friends splitting the bill after a meal, sending money to near and dear ones as a token of your love, or gifting your sister on the occasion of Rakshabandhan, payment backgrounds make sending money personal and bring it alive the story behind every payment, WhatsApp said.

How to choose a payment background on WhatsApp

You can select a payment background when you’re making a new payment on WhatsApp by tapping the backgrounds icon on the ‘Send Payment’ screen. Once you tap that icon, the app will show you the available list of backgrounds at the bottom from where you can pick the one that matches your payment theme. You can also add a note alongside the background to describe the reason for your payment or highlight your expression.

Once done, the recipient will be able to see the background along with the amount of the payment you have made.

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