What makes Leh Ladakh a perfect tourist Destination?


No doubt that India has the best places to visit and spend holidays at, but there are certain places that have its glory, and a touch of magic. Out of many states and cities that India has, Leh Ladakh has some charm that makes people fall in love. Many define this place as a part of paradise which breaks one’s all pre-conceived notions of a landscape beauty. People from all over the world visit Leh Ladakh and others who haven’t often think what makes Leh Ladakh a perfect tourist destination. Of course, there are many reasons that have helped Leh Ladakh tourism to bloom in recent days, but we will help you with the top reasons that added to it glory.

  • Beauty in every bit

There are places all over the world that are beautiful in parts like a few certain areas enjoying being called beautiful, but Leh Ladakh is different. The beauty here doesn’t dwell in particular areas but is everywhere. Talk of the high altitude mountains, clean and long roads, crystal clear lakes, and what not. Ladakh has a beauty that travels with you and accompanies you wherever you go. You wake up to this beauty and you sleep taking in this beauty.

  • Smacking food

Many find food to be the best and worst part of traveling, but when you are in Leh Ladakh, it is all about the best. Right from the indigenous food like Thupkas, Chutagi, and others, Leh Ladakh is famous for serving Maggi made in their own style. You might have eaten Maggi across the world, but the one served here will beat all in taste. Momos is another staple food you have to try here.

  • Photographer’s heaven

You must have seen people’s love for Leh Ladakh in their pictures, and truly speaking no one can help the crave. The place is so stunningly gorgeous that one feels like capturing every corner of it. Sometimes, you are far away from your destination, and still, the beauty spellbound you and you just start clicking pictures even of an open field. That is the beauty of Leh Ladakh.

  • Trekker’s Delight

Located in the middle of the two very famous mountains, the Great Himalayas and the Karakoram, Leh Ladakh is the first choice of many trekkers to start their trekking. A few famous trekking points include Chadar Trek, Markha Valley Trek, and Stok Kangri Trek.

  • Exploring the culture

Leh Ladakh is less populated, but their culture is rich. The inhabitants are either Tibetan Buddhists or Aryan descendants of Shia Muslim. They coexist together very nicely and their hospitality is the best.  You can try localizing with them on your trip. They are kind and will always be on their foot to help you. Their lifestyle is simple and they live in small settlements. They also have unique dresses and jewelry and they take pride in all they possess.

Leh Ladakh is a tourist treat in every aspect and these reasons just add up on to the reasons that why is it a perfect tourist destination.

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