Football is admittedly one of the hardest sports out there to break into. Despite the abundance of soccer academies around the world, many of those who go to the very best of them still have a hard time making it to the very top of the profession.

Another thing is that, to be a successful footballer, you have to begin honing your craft early enough. You need to do it in your teenage years while you still have school to contend with.

It’s hard enough that you have to start early and find a balance between football academy and school. The other piece of the puzzle is that you also have to find a good football academy that will guarantee your success. That’s where Italian soccer academies come in.

Have you thought of joining a football academy in Italy? Italy is one of the best countries to learn football in. The country has a lot of vibrant local leagues and teams of international renown that have gone on to win many international awards. Moreover, the country itself has also excelled on the global stage and won the World Cup numerous times.

The Schooling Aspect

Understandably, school can feel like a bit of a burden when you’re trying to pursue your dream of becoming a footballer. However, school is still important and you need a basic education so you can be a productive and useful member of modern society, even as a footballer.

Luckily, there are many ways to make things work. First of all, many of the academies in Italy allow you to continue with your education even as you train, with an emphasis on maintaining your GPA at a certain level to stay in the academy.

Also, there is the internet to help you with much of what you do in school. Using accelerated learning programs that play to your strengths can help you keep up with your classmates. You can also get the help of a thesis writing service to help you with your assignments. You can use YouTube to learn about difficult concepts and you can make friends with your instructors and ask them about things you don’t understand. In other words, you can strike the balance if you really want to.

The most Popular Italian Soccer Academies

There are many academies in Italia but some stand head and shoulders above the rest. In fact, according to the Football Observatory, they are among the very best soccer academies in Europe.

Apige Football Academy

When it comes to top of the range football academies it’s very hard to beat Apige. This Italian soccer academy is located in Tuscany and offers the latest facilities to train students in all the different aspects of football.

All of the classrooms are state of the art with WiFi connectivity and iPads for use by students. There are also wide fields and indoor sports gyms to encourage students to work on their fitness and health.

The staff at the football academy is very supportive and experienced with many of them having worked in the big football leagues for many years before dedicating their lives to raising the next generation of world class footballers.

Tuscany is a great area to learn football. There are lots of great teams locally, including Fiorentina, which is in Serie A, and Empoli, which is in Serie B. There are also lots of LEAGUE PRO teams around, including Livorno, Arezzo, and many others. Apige Football Academy has connections with all of these and regularly gets placements for is graduates into these teams.

Paolo Rossi Academy

Paolo Rossi is one of the most famous footballers in the world. He was born in 1956 and went on to become famous in both Italian and world football. He was at the helm when Italy won the FIFA World Cup in 1982 where he scored a whopping six goals and won the Golden Boot for being top goal scorer.

Mr. Rossi has had an illustrious career both home and away and is deeply humble about how lucky he has been to have such an interesting life. His way of giving back to the world at the age of 57 was to start his own football academy. Ultimately, he wants to raise the next generation of great footballers who will go on to dominate the world of football and do wonders, just like him.

If you want to join a football academy where you have the opportunity to learn from one of the greatest footballers in history, then this is the perfect place to go.

AS Roma

AS Roma is not only a great football team, but also has one of the best youth academies, according to the football observatory. The team is well known for producing the largest number of successful footballers in Europe, including Daniele De Rossi, Francesco Totti, and Alessandro Florenzi. While the youth system is fairly exclusive, you can still get selected by applying and going for their tryouts which are, needless to say, quite competitive.


Football academies in Italy are among the best in the world and a few years there is bound to turn you into a very good footballer. The above three are among the best. If you want to be world class, then Italy is definitely worth a consideration.

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