Weight Loss: Tips To Lose Belly Fat & Shed Kilos


Bhubaneswar: Are you upset about those unnecessary fats in and around the belly? When you are in the weight loss mission there are certain factors that if included in daily life can yield better results.

Here are three important tips that may help you to achieve flat belly-

Eat more fiber:  A diet rich in fibre & low in saturated fats — could play an instrumental role in reducing fat.

Physical exercise: All we need to do is 20 minutes of weight training to reduce abdominal fat that mostly men tend to gain with growing age.

Water consumption: Water is considered to help in achieving a flat stomach. It may help with weight loss by increasing metabolic rate temporarily.

Limit refined carbs: The body transforms certain carbs, such as white bread and white pasta, into glucose. When a person consumes more glucose than is necessary, the body stores the excess as fat.

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