Weight Loss: Daily Habits To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat


Bhubaneswar: There are certain habits if included in everyday routine may help to accelerate the weight loss process.

Here are some morning habits that may help to shed kilos-

Sleep: Proper sleep plays a key role in burning extra fats present in and around the belly. Less and insufficient sleep led to the formation of ghrelin hormone in the body which triggers the feeling of hunger and leads to overeating.

Exercise: Doing irrelevant exercise is just a wastage of time and effort with no positive outcomes. One should consult  trainer and should practice those exercise that may lead to weight loss.

Eating habits: Unhealthy eating habits such as Processed food contains fat which increases belly fat. One should follow a proper diet that may  cut down body fats .

Stress: Excess stress stimulates formation of cortisol in the body which  increases fat accumulation in different parts of the body. Hence it is advisable to maintain peace of mind.

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