Weight Loss: Cucumber (Kheera) To Burn Stubborn Fat & Other Health Benefits


Bhubaneswar: When you are on a mission to burn fat and lose weight, intake of low-calorie foods will definitely help you to shed those extra kilos. Cucumber (Kheera) can help you to lose weight to a great extent.

Cucumber (Kheera) contains a good amount of water and zero calories that may aid weight loss. Including cucumber in your regular diet and following the same for at least 15 days may weigh you down.

Several studies have suggested that you can lose up to five kilos in just a couple of weeks time by following the cucumber diet.  Besides, the vegetable contains essential nutrients like vitamin A, B and K which ensure that your daily nutrients do not go missing.

Proper digestion is key to weight loss. It improves digestion by cleaning the excess toxins present in the body. Moreover,  cucumber is rich in fibre and water content, it promotes a clean gut that’s free from constipation.  Cucumber is 90 per cent water; which is why it helps keep the body hydrated. A properly hydrated body helps in promoting weight loss.

Substituting most of your vegetable and fruits sources with cucumber may accelerate your weight loss process.  Hence, replacing your snacks with cucumber and taking cucumber sandwich in breakfast may work wonders for you.

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