We Have To Go Right Back To The Basics: Mike Hussey


Chennai: The Super Kings will clash with Royal Challengers Bangalore in the 22nd encounter of the IPL on 12th April 2022 at the Dr DY Patil Sports Academy in Mumbai.

The batting coach of the side, Michael Hussey opened up in a chat with CSK TV ahead of the contest.

“Without doubt, yeah. I am still really confident with the team, and the guys are working hard. I don’t think we are too far away hopefully, and as you say we can get hopefully one win on the board, then hopefully things can sort of grow from there,” Hussey told CSK TV.

“But I think we have just got to bring it right back to the basics you know, we cannot get too worried about what happened in the past and we cannot get worried about winning two or three games in a row in the future. We have just got to bring it down to playing this next game against RCB, focusing on our jobs, our individual skills, playing each ball like it is a contest, and win one contest after the next, and I am sure if we can do that, then if we can win more contests than RCB, then hopefully we can get a win on the board and hopefully get things going a little bit.

“I think the guys individually would have all gone away and had a good look at themselves in the mirror and just maybe identified one or two things that they can probably do a little bit better and hopefully they can bring that to the table and if everyone brings a little bit better, then hopefully the collective will improve and as you say, we can get that first win on the board.”

The former Australian batter further heaped praise on left-arm pacer Mukesh Choudhary, saying the Super Kings like what he brings to the table.

“You have got to remember, he (Mukesh Chowdhury) is still a young guy, he is playing his first couple of games in the IPL, it is a big, big deal for a young inexperienced player. So, we just try and support him as much as we possibly can, you see his confidence growing, each game that he plays. So, I am really confident that there is a really big performance from him just around the corner, and yeah I just love watching him grow and improve with each game. So, yeah really like what he is bringing to the table.”

Hussey also spoke about the friendships from across the teams.

“Without doubt of course, yeah obviously we have got some great memories with all those guys. They have been a part of the team for a long time. Faf in particular. But yeah once the guys cross the line, then it is just bat versus ball, CSK versus RCB, and yeah obviously we hope that we can come out on top, and it will be nice to sort of shake hands afterwards,” concluded Hussey.

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