Ways To Protect Your Eyes This Summer


New Delhi: Summer is finally here which means you’re going to replace the winter cream with sunscreen and summer clothing. Summer also means that you’re going to be spending a lot more time outdoors and constant sun exposure increases the risk of developing a cataract. Along with summer skincare, you need to make sure you take care of your eyes too.

Here are some essential eye care tips that are important for summer:

Wear Sunglasses When You’re Outdoors

Just as going out without sunscreen can give you sunburn, going out on a sunny day without sunglasses can give you photokeratitis — which is sunburn of the cornea. This condition is caused when the cornea is exposed to harmful UV rays of the sun. Symptoms include dryness, discomfort and tearing up. It’s best to wear sunglasses if you’re going to be outdoors more often in the summer.

Don’t Forget Your Hat

Sunglasses aren’t the only way to fend off those ultraviolet rays. Add a hat to increase the protection of your eyeballs, and eyelids, and to significantly decrease UV exposure. Look for a wide-brimmed hat to protect your eyes and the skin around your eyes.

Too much exposure to the sun can lead to a number of eye diseases and conditions, including cataracts, ocular melanoma, sunburned eyes, and (for adults who don’t get enough antioxidants in their diet), age-related macular degeneration.

Don’t Wear Your Contacts In The Pool

Contacts can trap bacteria, which then sit on your eyes, and could ultimately cause a corneal infection. This risk is exacerbated at the pool, lake, or ocean. If you’re serious about swimming, ask your eye doctor about prescription swim goggles.

Stay Hydrated And Keep Eyes Lubricated

Warmer temperatures and blooming plants can cause eyes to feel dry, irritated or watery. If you are prone to dry eyes or have allergies, use eye drops to lubricate your eyes and help them flush out pollen and other contaminants. Staying on top of hydration also helps keep your eyes healthy.

Particularly if you wear contact lenses, keep them feeling comfortable by washing them thoroughly and replacing them on the schedule indicated by your eye doctor.

Rest Your Eyes Every 20 Minutes When Looking At A Computer Screen

If hot days keep you cooped up inside, make sure you (and your kids) are giving your eyes ample breaks from screen time. Overdoing screen use can cause eye strain, blurred vision, dry eye syndrome, and headaches.

Get Enough Sleep

Longer days can sometimes mean less sleep, and inadequate sleep can have a harder time concentrating on a variety of tasks, including those that require your visual attention (like driving). Tired eyes can also feel dry and irritated, and rubbing your eyes when you’re sleepy can introduce irritants or bacteria to your eyes.

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