Ways of taking care of yourself during summer


Everyone wants to enjoy their summer holidays with their friends and families without hindrances and you are not an exception. You need to make plans for a picnic and outdoor activities that will leave a memorable excitement for everyone. The place you choose will make this happen if you put into considerations the needs of all parties likely to be present, not forgetting to have contacts of facilities offering emergency assistance when need arises like a health facility. While you should not make it your center of focus, you need to realize that there are certain illnesses that occur during this season of the year that will require an urgent medical attention.

1): Reactions caused food poisoning:

Foods that you eat during this period may be invaded by germs, bacteria and viruses which my ruing the entire occasion. More so to children. This can cause a lot of discomfort to the children and even adults at large. Once you notice severe vomiting and diarrhea, don’t look further but check into the nearest health facility.

2): Animal and insect bites:

Some animals and insects such as snake and spiders contains a poisonous venom that once it bites someone, the poison may easily spread to the other parts of the body. If urgent care is not taken may lead to death. if you notice such, a first aid will be ideal to stop the spread of the venom, after which, you may need to take that person to the hospital for proper care.

3): When one falls from an elevated surface:

Whereas falling is considered normal during such times, do not hesitate to take someone who has falling from an elevated surface to the hospital to a proper medical check-up. This is to reduce any risk related to internal bleeding which may cause sudden death.

4): Outbreak of measles:

This causes the children to have rashes all over the body and at times raises then body temperature accompanied with red swollen eyes. You need to take the children for a vaccine and Vitamin A to reduce their chances of being affected by jaundice other related illnesses.

Whereas you need time to relax and enjoy your free time, note that life is a privilege, you need to protect it. You need to thoroughly look for a venue to spend your summer that will give you the comfort you desire. Other illnesses related to the heat can always be managed with proper dressing, use of sun-glasses and taking a lot of fluids that will keep your body hydrated throughout.

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