Water bird census begins in Banki’s Arachandi wetland; Over 15k avian guests spotted


Banki: Water bird census has started at Arachandi wetland under Banki subdivision on behalf of Centre for Rural Tourism Development ( CRTD) headed by Latit Mohan Panda.

The number of migratory birds assembled at Arachandi wetland has gone up to 15,113. Last year their number was 14,819. The CRTD said two new species of birds have arrived here this year.

Retired DCF Kamala Lochan Purohit said as the environment was clean and food is available in plenty, a number of birds were attracted to the spot. He said migratory birds from far off countries like Nepal, Afghanistan, Europe, Pakistan and Himalayan regions land here for nesting.

The CRTD has expressed its displeasure that although there was a genuine demand for recognizing Arachandi wetland as a tourist hub, precious little has been done so far in this regard.

The water bird census 2021 was carried on by seven CRTD members and chief of Rover Ranger Bhupati Bhushan Pradhan, Minati Sahu, Anshuman Sahu, Durga Madhab Mohapatra, Amit Sahu, scientist of worldwide life fund Swadhi Sindura, snake helpline’s Suvendu Mallick and Bird Guide Madhu Behera.

The census was conducted with strict adherence to Covid guidelines.

Water bird census 2021
Water Bird Census 2021.

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