Watch Video! Chaos At Kabul Airport


Kabul: Videos posted on social media showed the mass chaos and panic that engulfed the Kabul airport on Sunday as Afghans and foreigners rushed to try to get out of the country the only remaining way possible.

Videos showed panicked people at the airport frantically trying to get on a plane as hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of people packed on the tarmac in a desperate attempt to get into any flight possible. “Another Saigon moment,” wrote Saad Mohseni of the Moby Group, a media company in Afghanistan, as he posted a video of the scene.

With the Taliban installed in the presidential palace and the elected president having fled the country, access to Hamid Karzai airport, five kilometres from the centre of the capital, is now possible only through Taliban checkpoints.

The US, UK, Germany, Canada and a host of other coalition nations are all seeking to evacuate their nationals from the country. The airport reportedly came under fire on Sunday.

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