Ward No 3 of CDA satellite city hit by poor facilities


Cuttack:  Collapse of civic amenities, sanitation and drainage facilities in the CDA satellite city of Markat Nagar has spurred disappointment among the residents.

Neglect of maintenance has led to a complete breakdown of the facilities which leads to an awful situation of the satellite city’s Ward no.3.

Though many roads were constructed before festivals, some roads are left half-constructed in ward no. 3. Besides, the underground sewerage channels have broken down and the potholes are causing frequent accidents to even fatal consequences. Cable lines including gas pipelines were also reportedly seen scattered on the road.

On the other hand, many spots do not have dustbins following which residents are forced to dump garbage in open areas, which is leading to a rise in mosquito breeding in the area.

Even after a pile of allegations regarding the problems, the troubles of the residents are left unheard, locals stated.

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