WannaCry ransomware hits VIMSAR in Burla


Sambalpur: The WannaCry ransomware cyber attack has hit the Sickle Cell Institute at VIMSAR in Burla. Although officials of the institute first noticed it on May 16, the matter was reported to police on Saturday. The matter came to light after some files in the official computer of the Sickle Cell Institute did not open.

“The files did not open in the official computer on May 16. There has been no demand for paying any ransom in bitcoins even though the extensions of those files were showing WannaCry”, said Senior Manager Bijaya Nanda Naik.

At first they contacted a Pune-based cyber security firm that has installed an anti-virus in the system but many files continue to be inaccessible and encrypted. All vital information, patient database and official communication in those files have been infected.

The WannaCry is considered as one of the biggest cyber attacks in history, it infects computers running with older versions of Microsoft operating systems.

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