Wanna Prevent Monsoon Induced Dandruff? Follow These Tips


New Delhi: The rain brings relief to the scorching summer heat. However, while this season has many advantages, don’t forget that it also brings its fair share of troubles. During the monsoon season, the most prevalent hair concerns include oily scalp with greasy hair, severe dandruff, and itching.  So, here are a few monsoon hair care ideas to help you dance off your hair concerns in the rain and enjoy the monsoons without harming your magnificent looks:

Keep your hair dry

As wet hair and scalp can lead to an increase in scalp infection problems and brittle hair,  it’s very easy for bacteria to grow; thus resulting in dandruff.  But how to cure dandruff in monsoon? Being consistent and practicing good hygiene is the answer to most of your hair issues.

Wash your hair at least twice a week

This is to maintain the natural oil of the scalp. Also, cleanse your scalp with a cleanser that does not contain chemical products and get rid of oily and greasy buildup. How to get rid of dandruff in monsoon? use a natural shampoo that is free from chemicals and other harmful ingredients

Follow a healthy diet

What you eat is what your body shows. A properly balanced diet with loads of protein intake can strengthen the hair. Incorporate ingredients that naturally fight the settling of dandruff.  Craving hot and crispy fried foods are understandable but they are not healthy for your body and your hair in the monsoon. Opt for foods with low sugar content and high in antioxidants that fight dandruff and to keep the scalp healthy.

Hot oil massage

You should incorporate a hot oil massage treatment for your tresses. Use Coco Soul’s virgin coconut hair oil which is made with loads of natural ingredients and contains Ayurvedic herbs that fight harmful bacteria and keep your scalp clean.

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