Voice of Jabra Fan: Nakash Aziz


At 31, he has crooned plenty of chartbusters from the fun filled ‘Selfie lele re’ to the foot tapping ‘Saree ke fall sa’ and is now looking at fulfilling his inner ‘keeda’. Pragativadi.com spoke to the voice behind the ‘Jabra fan’ SRK Anthem, Nakash Aziz when he was in the Temple City for a concert. Excerpts from the interview:

Q: How has your Odisha visit been?


A: It is so so beautiful I think it’s a country in itself. Though I did not go sightseeing with a jam packed schedule I must say the replicas of the state’s tourism highlights at the airport were quite informative and I was awestruck to see that Odisha has tiger sanctuaries to beaches, the famous Puri Jagannath to ancient caves. I was suprised to see how much the state has to offer! At the concert, the crowd was great and I could sense a ‘feel good factor’ performing here.

Q: Your fun songs are extremely popular. What do you prefer as a singer, fast beat compositions or softer numbers?

A: Fun songs are popular because we Indians love to dance and we have plenty of occasions to do so. Plus, with the busy lives we all want to let go when with friends or at parties where we listen to foot tapping music. But I as a singer do not differentiate in songs. I love to sing anything and listen to anything from Afro tribal tunes to Baul or Hans Zimmer. In fact, I love sounds and to be connected with their rhythm.

Q: You have assisted top composers from AR Rahman to Pritam. How was the experience?

A: Music is so vast that I can’t gauge how much I learnt or implemented in my work from my experience with Rahman sir or Pritam da. But its the non-music side of them, their personalities, that have influenced me a lot. We know of them as most sought after music composers and stars. But working with them revealed to me how humble they are and so normal just like you and me. They too are worried about family or health issues or have their human drawbacks. Yet, they bring their passion to the studio every single minute at work. Even youngsters cannot match their energy and that’s their reason for success. They deliver despite any personal challenge. I got to learn that commitment from them.

Q: How is the competition among Bollywood singers today as compared to times when Kumar Sanu and Udit Narayan probably sung 90 per cent songs?


A: Its a good time for young singers with music directors giving a chance to many new comers. Look at how popular Arijit is. He may not be Sonu Nigam but already has almost a similar following. Benny Dayal has his own genre and has been there since the past 8 to 10 years. I have sung solos, duets, worked with Mika, Amit Trivedi and so on.
The recording of covers of the same song is great because the tune and lyrics are the main substance of a song and the singer comes in later. I am happy to be a part of a hit song.

Q: You have sung a lot of regional songs. Would we ever listen to an Odia song by Nakash?

A: Like I said, I love to sing and language doesn’t matter. Nepali and Bhojpuri songs are usually for the masses but I enjoy singing them. I have also sung in Gujarati and other languages. To me the song is important and I would seize any opportunity to sing in Odia if I come across one.

Q: What are your upcoming projects?

A: Well, there are song recordings and concerts as always. But now I’ve made some ‘maal’ (winks) and I’m kind of settled now. I think its time for me to have some fun and explore the inner ‘keeda’ in me. Film songs are always there but I will soon try my ways of creating music.


  • Nakash is the only son of a Mangalore based couple and his father was known as a good singer
  • He has worked as an arranger for A R Rahman on projects like Delhi 6, Rockstar, Highway, Raanjhana and has also sung for Rahman’s Hollywood project The Hundred Foot Journey

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