VivaTech Paris 2022: Odisha-Based Startup BON V Unveils its Flying Platform For Cargo Logistics

Odisha-Based Aerial Mobility StartUp BonV participated in Europe’s Biggest Tech Event 


Bhubaneswar: An Odisha-Based Aerial Mobility StartUp is making India Proud in Paris at the Biggest Tech Event of Europe Viva Tech 2022. The ongoing event has drawn Tech Innovators and Entrepreneurs globally from 149 countries.

India has been announced as the ‘Country of the year’ at Viva Tech 2022. This comes after PM Narendra Modi’s participation in 2021. Among the Indian Start Ups making a splash, the one name that has taken the spotlight is BONV.

Bon V is the creator of India’s first Al-powered multi-utility electric air vehicle, RM001. It first problem it has solved is lifting heavy cargos in difficult terrains, catching the attention on Indian military. Created with cutting-edge technology that incorporates encrypted data link, LIDAR, sensors and auto-pilot within an autonomous framework, RM001 is designed to revolutionize aerospace solutions on a global scale. They aim for aerospace to be a sustainable, safe and infinitely more smart domain that combines the power of AI and accessible design for real-world problem-solving.

Bon V RM001’s ultra-modern design furnishes it with multi-utility applications. The wonder aerial vehicle has a weight 3 times lighter than any typical aerial craft while maintaining a strength double that of a helicopter. This makes Bon V RM001 an affordable alternative source for handling e-commerce logistics. In precise terms, its capacity for carrying 200kgs to a distance of 40kms or more autonomously allows the cost of aerial logistics to be reduced 7 times compared to the current air transportation options.

Its DO311A certified Battery and SiC (silicon carbide)-based high voltage propulsion system ensures the aircraft is a zero-carbon emission model with maximum efficiency and safety.

Thus, Bon V RM001 is a versatile aerial vehicle that can be utilized in a wide range of areas. Its autonomous sensors and data processing powers allow it to be the ideal craft for search and rescue operations in fire fighting operations or disaster evacuation management plans. The possibility of delivering emergency medical supplies or mapping hilly terrains for logistical operations will be vastly easier and user-friendly. Its auto-pilot capabilities also make it an excellent probe vehicle for reaching remote locations and functioning in challenging terrains.

Ultimately, Bon V seems to be on the cusp of heralding a future era of aerospace solutions – making same-day cargo deliveries, ultra-high-speed charging, and autonomous missions a reality one flight at a time.

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