Visit Mayurbhanj’s Devkund, The Bathing Place Of Gods And Goddess


Mayurbhanj: The scenic beauty of Mayurbhanj always impresses tourists. Away from urbanization and the city crowd, several places here become a major attraction for culture lovers.

Devkund is one of the important places in the district where people go sightseeing with family or friends. Devkund means the bathtub of Gods and Goddesses.

Climbing up more than 100 steps from Devkund, at the source of the river, there is the temple of Devi Ambika Mata (Durga temple), which is worth seeing. Pujas are still performed in the temple built by the kings of Mayurbhanj in 1940.

The chirping sound of known and unknown birds, the multi-coloured butterflies add to the charm of Devkund. So this place is very important for Hindu culture peoples, as they believe that it is the bathing place of their Gods and Goddess, so by touching this water they get blessings of their god and goddess.

It is located in the district Mayurbhanj. Devkund is famous for its waterfall that falls from the top of the hill. Devkund Waterfall is located in Bhira Patnus and since it went viral on social media, it has become an extremely crowded place.

It is the confluence of three waterfalls and is said to be the origin of the Kundalika River. It is about a three-hour trek from the base village along the dam backwater and through the forest to reach this place known as ‘Devkund’.

A major part of the trek goes through some semi-dried forests with the river running parallel and sometimes crisscrossing through the route. A guide is required to be taken during the trek as there is a dense forest around.

How to reach

Devkund has situated 60 km from the main town of Baripada and 85 km from the Balasore district. Devkund is going through in the Udala division. It is a natural beauty of Odisha and Similipal National park is near it.

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