Virtual Tour of Odisha State Tribal Museum Main Building in 3D Tomorrow

Bhubaneswar: The ST &SC Development Department has taken up the virtual tour of Odisha State Tribal Museum, at SCSTRTI, Bhubaneswar.

This Sunday visitors can visit the main museum building of Odisha State Tribal Museum in 3D by opening the Facebook and Twitter pages @stscdev @scstrti.

The main museum building is made up of five galleries showcasing different tribal arts and crafts of 62 tribes of Odisha. These galleries introduce the visitors to the tribal communities of Odisha through a series of thematic displays.

  • Gallery-1: Personal Adornments
  • Gallery-2: Textiles, Personal belongings, Arts and Crafts
  • Gallery-3: Hunting and Fishing Implements and Weapons of Offense and Defense
  • Gallery-4: Household Objects and Agricultural Implements
  • Gallery-5: Dance, Musical Instruments and Dhokra items.

The Tribal Shrine Crafts arena has been developed in the central courtyard of the building showcasing tribal shrines belonging to 14 tribal communities, honoring spirits, Gods, and Goddesses.

Virtual Tour

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