Violation Of Policy! Melania Trump Takes Off Face Mask To Read To Children At Hospital

Washington: US First Lady Melania Trump on Tuesday violated the stated mask policy at Children’s National Hospital as she removed her mask to read a holiday book to children.

According to the hospital policy, “Everyone must wear a mask at all times while in any Children’s National facility to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including wearing a mask when entering any Children’s National building, as mandated by area officials. This includes all public places, such as the hallway and cafeteria and wearing a mask at all times when you are around other individuals.”

Reportedly, the first lady arrived in the hospital’s main atrium wearing a mask but when she took her seat in front of a tree, she removed the mask.

A White House readout of the event issued later Tuesday, however, noted: “Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the event was limited in numbers of in-person participants and all guests were required to wear face masks and adhere to social distancing. The visit followed the hospital’s mask protocols for public speakers, based on the District of Columbia health guidance, that wearing a mask is not required when a person is giving a speech for broadcast or an audience, provided no one is within six feet of the speaker. Throughout the holiday program, the First Lady was more than twelve feet away from others in the four-story atrium. Today’s visit, broadcast to 325 inpatient hospital rooms, followed these guidelines.”

The other attendees, including some key members of hospital leadership, wore masks, with some wearing protective face or eye shields.

Trump kept her mask off as she exited to “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey.

Later Tuesday, she participated in a game of holiday-themed bingo. She stood at a podium in a studio calling out numbers to a microphone, again practicing social distancing, but keeping her mask on the entire time.

The first lady was diagnosed with Covid-19 at the same time as President Donald Trump in early October.