Villagers demand Supervisor’s job in pvt firm, stop rake loading from Ananta Sidings in Talcher


Sambalpur: Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL) incurred an estimated loss of Rs 2.5 crore till evening on Tuesday, following an illegal stoppage of coal supply to power plants from the Ananta Railway Sidings No. 5 & 6 by the villagers of Kandhaberni at Talcher Coalfields in Angul district of Odisha.

The movement of coal rakes from Ananta Sidings No. 5 & 6 was forcibly stopped at 1500 hrs by the residents of Kandhaberni, a village located between Bharatpur Area and Hingula Area of MCL, who were demanding a Supervisor’s job in the favour of one Mr Babuli Sahoo in a private firm engaged by MCL mining operations.

Coal supply operations of MCL from Ananta Sidings No. 5 & 6, which supplies to power plants at least 12 rakes of railways carrying about 42,000-tonne coal in a day, have been totally paralysed since afternoon.

The company had immediately lodged a complaint with the police seeking assistance to resume coal supply operations.

Sporadic incidents of the illegal stoppage by villagers in Talcher coalfields have adversely affected coal production from MCL. These illegal stoppages of the company’s operations not only adversely affect the country’s economy, but the local population is also being affected adversely.

Thousands of people engaged in different occupations connected to the coal mining industry are facing huge financial loss due to frequent protests in Talcher coalfields.

Being the top contributor to Odisha exchequer, MCL’s contribution to District Mineral Fund (DMF) in Angul, Jharsuguda and Sundergarh districts of Odisha was more than Rs 600 crore during the last fiscal 2018-19.

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