Village Cooking Channel Reaches 1 Crore Youtube Subscribers, Gets Diamond Play Button


Chennai: Tamil Nadu’s beloved YouTube channel, Village Cooking Channel (VCC), has garnered more that 10 million subscribers.

The channel which was started in 2018, features cousins V. Subramanian, V. Murugesan, V. Ayyanar, G. Tamilselvan and T. Muthumanickam, led by their grandfather and former caterer M. Periyathambi.

The creators of the channel, which got a pan-India appeal with the video of Rahul Gandhi cooking mushroom biryani during the recent election campaign, put up a video on Sunday thanking the subscribers and YouTube for giving them the ‘diamond play button’ gift box.

As a gesture of gratitude, the channel creators have donated Rs 10 lakh to Tamil Nadu chief minister’s Covid-19 relief fund from their YouTube income.

VCC has become the first Tamil YouTube channel to attain this milestone.

In February, the channel won the Black Sheep Award for the Best Food Programme as well.

The channel, launched in April 2018, shows Periyathambi and his grandchildren cooking dishes in the scenic agricultural fields of the Pudukkottai district. The team is famous for its traditional cooking methods.

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