Vikash Kandola shines as Haryana Steelers beat U Mumba 30-27


Chennai: Vikash Kandola was the star player for Haryana Steelers as the team defeated U Mumba 30-27 in Chennai in the seventh season of the Pro Kabaddi League. Kandola scored nine points in the match, while Ravi Kumar was the second-best player for the Steelers.

U Mumba took a three-point lead at the beginning of the match, but Kandola got the Haryana Steelers back into the match with a fantastic Super Raid in the sixth minute of the game. Naveen pulled off a Do-or-Die raid and Ravi Kumar carried out an excellent tackle in the ninth minute which helped Haryana take the lead at 7-6.

Kandola carried out an all-out of the U Mumba team in the 15th minute which helped the Haryana Steelers take the lead at 13-8. Kandola scored another raid point in the 17th minute as the Haryana Steelers stayed ahead at the end of the first half.

Vinay got the Haryana team off to a great start in the second half with a brilliant Do-or-Die raid in the 21st minute. The U Mumba team fought back with a few raid points, but Selvamani’s fantastic raid in the 28th minute helped the Steelers stay in the lead. Ravi Kumar backed up Selvamani with a super tackle in the 30th minute as the Haryana Steelers widened the gap.

U Mumba managed to pull off a few crucial points in the dying minutes of the match, but the Haryana Steelers held their nerve. Kandola carried out a few brilliant raids as the Haryana Steelers walked off the mat as winners.

The Steelers will look to continue their form when they face Bengal Warriors in Delhi on Monday, 26 August 2019.

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