People Claim Of Developing ‘Magnetic Powers’ Post COVID-19 Vaccination; Experts Say ‘Complete Nonsense’


Bhubaneswar: After several videos doing the rounds on the internet claiming Covid-19 vaccines make people “magnetic”, four to five persons from various places also claimed that they got magnetic powers after taking the Covid-19 vaccine.

Rajendra Mohapatra, his sister Sanjukta, an Anganwadi worker, and another two persons in Balasore’s Nilagiri block said that metal objects have been easily sticking to their bodies after taking vaccine doses.

When it happened for the first time, the family members thought that it could be due to sweat. However, even after taking a bath, the objects continued to stick to Rajendra’s body which left them surprised.

Meanwhile, another person named–Ratnakar Pradhan, hailing from Odisha’s Kandhamal district has claimed that magnetic powers entered into his body after taking the second dose of the Covid vaccine.

“Metal objects are easily getting stuck on my body after taking the vaccine doses,” said Pradhan.

A video of a man from Nashik in Maharashtra, who claimed that objects were sticking to his arm after he took the second dose of the vaccine. In a now-viral video, a man named Arvind Sonar can be seen sticking coins and steel to his arm after receiving the second jab.

Following this issue, the Press Information Bureau’s (PIB) fact-checking arm, PIB Fact Check, has said these claims about Covid-19 vaccines are “baseless”.

“Vaccines cannot cause a magnetic reaction in the human body. COVID-19 vaccines are completely safe and do not contain any metal-based ingredients. It is common to experience mild side-effects like mild headaches, pain or swelling at the injection site, and mild fever after getting the COVID-19 vaccine,” it said.

Experts have also said that those vaccinated against Covid-19 cannot experience magnetism at the injection site.

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