Vice President advises media to curb any unhealthy trend that affects credibility


New Delhi: Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu today called upon the media fraternity to do a serious introspection and curb any unhealthy trend that affects its credibility.

Speaking at the 50th anniversary celebrations of Thuglak, a Tamil magazine, founded by the late Cho Ramaswamy,   Naidu expressed his concern over the unhealthy trend of mixing news and views. He said that slanting stories and providing disproportionate coverage to certain issues in line with the management’s thinking has become the norm these days.

The Vice President said that instead of giving complete information in an unadulterated manner, a section of the media was deciding what the viewer should watch or the reader should read. “Such a trend is not good for the fourth estate and Indian democracy in the longer run”, he cautioned.

Naidu observed that journalism in the past was treated as a mission and many eminent journalists like the late Cho wielded the pen without any fear or favour. He said that they never succumbed to any kind of pressure or allurement, nor had they compromised on their integrity and values. They always remained wedded to the core principles of journalism and maintained high standards of accuracy and objectivity.

Describing Cho Ramaswamy as a multi-faceted genius, the Vice President said that he had left an indelible imprint on the world of journalism, cinema, drama, politics, law and literature.

The Vice President said that Thuglak’s rise tofame was due to Cho’s fiery and fearless journalism that put nation’s interest before anything else. Recalling the resistance put up by him during the Emergency, he said that Cho always believed in journalistic freedom and never missed an opportunity to oppose any move to curtail journalistic freedom.

Naidu observed that Cho’s style of journalism not only took everybody by surprise but also shook many because of his bold, courageous, sharp, satirical and witty writings and reviews.

Stating that Cho’s sharp wit, spontaneous humour and stage presence not only made him a successful drama artist but also a popular comedy actor, he said that his tryst with cinema transcended generations just as his Thuglak magazine did.  “His fans belonged to all ages, loving clean and spontaneous humour”, he added.

The Vice President appealed to the people to elect their representatives based on the four ‘C’- Character, Calibre, Capacity and Conduct of the candidates. This is very important to strengthen the democracy, he said.

A special edition of ‘Thuglak’ brought out to mark the 50th Anniversary was released by the Vice President and the first copy of this edition was presented to popular film actor, Rajnikanth.

The Editor in Chief of Thuglak, S. Gurumurthy, popular actor, Rajinikanth, members of the family of late Cho Ramaswamy and others were present on the occasion.

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