Useful Tips for Passing Microsoft MCSA 70-743 Certification Exam


Earning the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 credential requires that you fulfil a three-step certification exam process. It is important that you pass these tests before you can earn the certification. The first step is the Microsoft 70-740 exam. The second stage is 70-741 and the last one is 70-743. Passing these three exams requires diligence and hard work. You must be ready to burn the midnight oil (figuratively speaking) to prepare for the test as it is quite challenging and requires a lot to achieve positive results. The good news is that there are many rewards that come with it.

First, there are great career potentials available to the certificate holders. With the Microsoft MCSA Windows Server 2016 – 70-743, you can confidently land the job of your dream. This credential distinguishes you from the crowd and makes you more interesting in the eyes of the hiring manager. A certification like MCSA is also an exceptional means of earning your dream salary. Professionals with this certificate are in high demand and receive corresponding attractive salaries. So if you are ready to enhance your career potentials on all fronts, earning the MCSA credential is definitely the best way to make your dream come true.

Well, if you are ready to write the exam, here are some tips that will help in your preparation and make it more effective.

  • Get a Reliable Study Guide

The best way to start your exam preparation is to read through the official guide. There are numerous exam guides that have been developed by experts in the field. However, you should ensure that you get the most suitable one among all. One of the best ways to achieve this is to read through what the other candidates are saying about your preferred guide. You can check Amazon and eBay for some of the best revision guides you can find. Reading through the study guide effectively helps you explore the important aspects that you need to focus on during your preparation. Some of the top exam guides you should check out include the latest official guide for the Microsoft 70-743certification authored by Jason Kelington, and the MCSA Windows Server 2016 Study Guide authored by William Panek. These two sources can be purchased from Amazon, eBay, or GoodReads.

  • Take a Certification Course

There are different study styles and you should actually choose the style that you are comfortable with. However, taking a certification course in addition to the study style you choose is very effective. Of course, there are numerous study materials that are available all over the Internet. As a matter of fact, there are more free resource materials than you can count. In spite of the amount of free materials available online, taking a certification course is still recommended. Choosing an MCSA course from a reputable course provider is a great way to ensure you have comprehensive knowledge about the course content. While attending certification courses, you have access to a classroom environment, experienced instructors, and a network of other professionals planning to write the same exam as you. You can choose an online training course or a classroom environment, depending on the pattern that is most convenient for you. Whatever the pattern of training you choose, you can be assured that you will have a very effective learning process. There are many reputable online platforms that offer training courses for the Microsoft 70-743 exam, such as Udemy, and PluralSight.

  • Get Adequate Resource Materials

In addition to taking a training course, it is recommended that you get some additional resource materials. You need books and videos to get prepared for the exam. There are many resources available that can help you go through the certification test preparation. Before you head over to buy books and download videos, it is important that you read the exam objectives so as to know the specific resources you need to get. The official Microsoft certification page has some links to different platforms where you can get the right resource for your preparation.

  • Make Good Use of Microsoft Virtual Academy

Microsoft Virtual Academy is the official learning source provided by Microsoft. It is an online platform that is open to everyone taking any of the certifications from those provided by Microsoft. MVA offers numerous resource materials including videos, presentations, articles, and other learning resources for all Microsoft products and technologies. These resources are designed to introduce you to the different core areas of the Microsoft 70-743 certification exam. The platform also contains tips for every certification topic. For a start, you might want to go through the ‘What’s new’ section of the site which details the information about the new features, changes and different aspects of Windows Server 2016. No doubt, Microsoft Virtual Academy is a great way to start your certification exam preparation.

  • Take Practice Tests

In addition to the study materials, you also need to take some practice tests to evaluate your knowledge on the topics you have covered. There are many exam practice tests on the 70-743 certification exam that you can explore online. The practice tests will help you get familiar with the format of the exam and its pattern. It is recommended that you take the practice tests on a topic basis. That is, as soon as you finish one topic, take a practice test on it to evaluate how you have been able to assimilate its content. Do this over and over again until you have mastered all the aspects of the exam.


The role of practice tests in an exam preparation cannot be overemphasized. Get all available resource materials you need for your test and settle to do a lot of studies. Take advantage of the numerous free resources on the Microsoft 70-743 certification available on Microsoft Virtual Academy. Finally, take a number of practice tests as if your success depends on it (in fact, it actually does).

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