US Woman Finds Her ‘Perfect Husband’ In An AI Bot


New York: A woman in the United States recently made news for marrying an AI bot, defying conventional standards and embracing a partnership that transcends human constraints.

Rosanna Ramos, a woman from the United States, found consolation and a connection in an AI bot. The AI bot was developed to comprehend her wants, preferences, and emotions using powerful algorithms and machine learning capabilities. Their link got stronger over time, resulting in a profound connection that defied conventional rules.

Rosanna Ramos, 36, from the Bronx, New York, was obsessed with artificial intelligence. Rosanna developed her virtual boyfriend, Eren Kartal, using the AI chatbot software Replika and subsequently married him.

Starry-eyed Eren Kartal stands 6’3″ tall and has shoulder-length hair. He is well-groomed, dressed in fashionable clothes, and gets manicures. His favourite colour is orange, and he enjoys baking. Rosanna gave birth to Eren Kartal in 2022 and married him this year.

Replika, according to the business, is a chatbot programme that not only converses with people but also learns their messaging habits to emulate them. Replika is a machine learning model that blends a powerful neural network and programs dialogue content. It was trained on a big dataset to produce unique responses.


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