US waiting eagerly to welcome Joe Biden as 46th President


Washington, DC: America is awaiting eagerly to welcome Democrat Joe Biden as their 46th President. The presidential election in 2020 was a fiercely fought one.

Observers said the latest presidential polls meant to take the country out of the racial, economic, medical and societal sinkhole it had gone down under Trump administration.

They said Biden’s entry into White House will put an end to the most controversial administrations in modern times. The new incumbent’s administration is expected to herald a new era for the Americans.

The outgoing President Trump was a billionaire socialite, donned the mantle four years ago following Barack Obama’s illustrious 8 years at the helm.

Biden, a 78-year-old former vice president and long-time Senator, will take the oath of office at around 10:30 pm (Indian Standard Time). He will take oath from the very site where pro-Trump extremists went berserk two weeks ago. The pro-Trump protesters had clashed with police in Capitol Hill and stormed the Congress.

This inauguration will be different from others. Washington, DC  is fortified with armed forces of nearly 25,000 National Guard troops deployed to thwart any eventualities. Donald Trump and his family will not attend the oath taking ceremony.



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