US urges allies to tackle China’s economic abuses jointly

Washington: The US has appealed to its allies to come together to stop China’s “economic abuses on many fronts”.

The Biden administration, however, said it wants to tackle the issue with some “strategic patience”.

White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, in an official statement said that the US President wants that the most effective way of doing is to coordinate with our allies and partners on the score.

China is growing more authoritarian at home and more assertive abroad, the statement said and added that Beijing is challenging our security, prosperity and values in significant ways.

This reaction from White House comes after the Chinese Foreign Ministry warned the increasing presence of the US in South China Sea is not good for global peace.

The strategic South China Sea, through which trillions of dollars in trade flows each year, has long been a focus of contention between Beijing and Washington, with China particularly angered by US military activity there.