US-Russia relations are worsening day by day: Putin


Moscow: The US-Russia relations are getting ‘worse and worse’ day by day, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said on Thursday.

President Putin said the current US administration had imposed dozens of sanctions on Russia.

The Russian President made a gloomy assessment ahead of a G20 summit in Japan later this month at which he is expected to meet US President Donald Trump.

The  ties between US and Russia remain strained by everything from Syria to Ukraine as well as allegations of Russian interference in US politics. This is an allegation Moscow has denied time and again.

The Russian leader said while Moscow has a sour relationship with Washington, the relationship with China is blossoming.

The US President told reporters on Wednesday that he would meet Putin at the G20 in Japan. But, Kremlin said a day earlier that the idea for the meeting was “hanging in the air”.


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