US President-elect Biden unveils team

Washington: US President-elect Joe Biden has unveiled officials for six important posts after his win in the polls held recently. “America is back”, he said, and “ready to lead the world, not retreat from it”.

President-elect Joe Biden on Tuesday formally unveiled his picks for diplomatic and security positions — all of the officials previously senior members of the Obama administration.

Biden’s picks include Antony Blinken for secretary of state and Avril Haines as intelligence director.

Biden’s selections, which many have dubbed “Obama 2.0,” were already announced by his campaign and include Alejandro Mayorkas as homeland security secretary, Linda Thomas-Greenfield as UN ambassador, Jake Sullivan for White House national security adviser and John Kerry to fill a new senior role as “special presidential envoy for climate.”

Biden presented six key figures on Tuesday:

  • Antony Blinken, Secretary of state. Mr Blinken said the US would soon “with equal measures of humility and confidence” restore its relationships with other countries
  • John Kerry, Climate change envoy. He was one of the leading architects of the Paris climate agreement, from which President Trump withdrew. Mr Kerry said the world must “come together to end the climate crisis”
  • Avril Haines, Director of national intelligence. Mr Biden said: “I picked a professional… a fierce advocate for telling the truth”.
  • Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of homeland security. Mr Mayorkas said the department had “a noble mission, to help keep us safe and to advance our proud history as a country of welcome”
  • Jake Sullivan, White House national security adviser. Mr Sullivan praised his boss, saying he had taught him much about statecraft, but also “most importantly about human nature”
  • Linda Thomas-Greenfield, US ambassador to the UN. She said she brought her southern Louisiana roots to her job, calling it “a cajun spin” on “gumbo diplomacy”

The General Services Administration on Monday ascertained that Biden is president-elect, beginning the formal transition process. Senior administration officials told The Post that the White House budget office approved apportionment of those funds Monday night.