US Man Dies Of Heart Attack While Burying Girlfriend He Strangled


Trenton: An American man who strangled his girlfriend to death, died of heart attack while burying her in their backyard, various media reported.

According to reports, one Joseph McKinnon (60) was found unresponsive in the yard of his home in Trenton town on Saturday. During investigating his death, the cops unearthed a second body of his live-in partner Patricia Dent (65) buried in a freshly dug pit.

After gathering evidence and witness testimonies, a timeline of the crime was built, which led investigators to believe that McKinnon attacked and strangled Dent in their home. Thereafter dug a trench in the yard, wrapped Dent’s body in plastic trash bags and tossed it in the pit. While covering the pit, McKinnon had a “cardiac event”, causing his death, police said.

Meanwhile, the autopsy revealed he showed no signs of trauma and had died of natural causes.

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