US Issues Four Travel Advisories For India This Year


Washington: The United States has issued four travel advisories for India this year and since March 28 maintained the same low Level 2 – exercise increased caution – for its citizens planning to travel to the country.

Introduced several years ago, the American travel advisories maintained and issued by the Department of State is now broadly bifurcated into four different colour-coded levels from 1 to 4, with one (white) being the safest place to travel and four (red) being the no travel zone recommended for its citizens.

Yellow-coloured Level 2 which advises Americans to exercise increased caution has been the travel advisory for India since March 28 of this year, when the State Department lowered it from Level 3 travel advisory of January 24. In Level 3, the US advises its citizens to reconsider their travel to that particular country.

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