US is North Korea’s ‘biggest enemy’, says Kim Jong Un: Reports


Pyongyang: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un threatened to expand his nuclear arsenal and develop more sophisticated atomic weapons systems. Besides, he also said the United States is his nuclear-armed nation’s “biggest enemy”, state media reported on Saturday.

“Our foreign political activities should be focused and redirected on subduing the US, our biggest enemy and the main obstacle to our innovated development,” Kim said on Friday, according to a Korean Central News Agency report of his remarks.

Kim’s comments made Friday during a key meeting of the ruling party were seen as an effort to apply pressure on the incoming government of President-elect Joe Biden, who will take office later this month.

“No matter who is in power in the US, the true nature of the US and its fundamental policies towards North Korea never change,” Kim said, pledging to expand ties with “anti-imperialist, independent forces” and calling for expanded nuclear capabilities.

Kim ordered officials to develop missiles with multiple warheads, underwater-launched nuclear missiles, spy satellites and nuclear-powered submarines. Kim’s comments came as the ruling party’s congress convened this week for the first time in five years.

“Nothing would be more foolish and dangerous than not strengthening our might tirelessly and having an easy-going attitude at a time when we clearly see the enemy’s state-of-the-art weapons are being increased more than ever,” Kim said.

Kim’s high-stakes nuclear diplomacy with President Donald Trump has remained stalled for nearly two years because of disputes over US-led sanctions on the North.

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