Uorfi Javed Detained In Dubai For Shooting Video In Revealing Outfit: Report


New Delhi: Uorfi Javed has reportedly been detained in Dubai for allegedly shooting a video wearing a revealing outfit in public.

Currently, Uorfi is being questioned by the authorities in Dubai after she filmed a video ‘in an open area’ wearing something that was not ‘allowed’ to be shot in public, reports said.

Uorfi had recently flown to the United Arab Emirates, reportedly, for the shoot of her upcoming projects.

As per a report in ETimes, there was ‘no problem’ in Uorfi’s outfit. However, because she shot the video in an open area, she was being interrogated by authorities in Dubai, said the report. It added that the local authorities in the UAE might postpone Uorfi’s return ticket to India.

Earlier, Uorfi had landed in legal trouble due to a music video that featured her in an orange saree, among other outfits, as per reports.

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