Unvaccinated athletes likely to take part in Australian Open 2022 after quarantine: Reports

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Sydney: Unvaccinated athletes will be able to take part in next year’s Australian Open after undergoing 14 days of quarantine, the WTA Tour has told its players, according to an email leaked to U.S. media.

The email, obtained by freelance tennis journalist Ben Rothenberg, contradicts a statement made last week by Australia’s immigration minister that players would need to be double vaccinated to get a visa to compete at the Grand Slam.

A significant proportion of players on the women’s WTA and men’s ATP tour remain unvaccinated, and men’s world number one Novak Djokovic has declined to disclose his vaccination status.

In the email, the WTA said it wanted to “clear up false and misleading information” about the conditions players would face at the Australian Open.

The WTA said the information came from organisers Tennis Australia, who had requested players keep it confidential for “a few days” as they were still discussing the details with the government.

Tennis Australia declined to comment on arrangements for unvaccinated players, including quarantine.

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