Unusual protest: Lucknow man cooks food near garbage dump


Lucknow: A 32-year-old man, Ashutosh Singh, here decided to protest against piling of garbage near his house in an unusual yet intriguing way.

Singh was so frustrated by the municipal corporation’s incompetency that he set up a barbeque near the dump. Instead of using the usual coal to heat it up, he used the waste from the garbage pile for his fuel.

He protested for three hours at the garbage dump near the city’s Indira Nagar locality and served food to the onlookers who witnessed what was taking place.

The incident went viral as netizens shared it far and wide to make his voice heard.

Singh said people here throw garbage in open as the municipal authorities have failed to collect door-to-door garbage collection. He said he has been complaining  this for long, but nothing precious has been done by the municipality.

The local residents have stood up behind Singh and said this ‘unusual’ protest will go on as long as their demands are not met.

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