Unique step by Plate Mill of Rourkela Steel Plant to utilize idle assets


Rourkela: With the objective of reutilizing the non-movable and idle spare parts and saving substantial cash outflow of the company, the enterprising employees of Plate Mill of SAIL, Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) have adopted an innovative way. After reviving/modifying a number of old, obsolete, and idle spare parts available in the Plate Mill, they have put up an exhibition of the same, so that employees from other departments can check and collect the material required for use in their respective units.

This unique exhibition was inaugurated by Mr. Dipak Chattaraj, CEO on 30th June. Mr.P.K.Dash, ED(Works), Mr. D.K. Mohapatra, ED (MM), Mr. R. N. Nayak, CGM I/C(Maintenance) Mr. A.V.Rajsekhar, CGM (Mechanical), Mr.A.K. Pradhan, CGM(Plate Mill) and other senior officers and employees of RSP were present on the occasion. The event was organised adhering to the various norms pertaining to COVID-19.

Mr. Chattaraj profusely praised this initiative of the Plate Mill collective and said that this would go a long way in addressing problems faced by the Plant related to non-availability of essential spares, apart from saving substantially.

It is worth mentioning here that after addressing the problems in various equipment and writing off machines with obsolete technology, a number of old and idle spare parts were available in the Mill. The employees modified/ developed the spare parts with the available technology and resources in addition to their regular jobs. Mechanical spares like Bearing Housing, Bush, Sleeve, Spindle, oil pump, gearbox, slab handling tongue, etc, electrical spares like DC Generator, AC Motor of different capacities, etc lighting item spares like lamp chokes of different watt have been displayed in this exhibition. This enterprising venture has resulted in a direct financial saving of approx. Rs 1 crore 9 lakhs for the company.

In addition to this, the collective of Plate Mill has also improved the housekeeping of the department, thereby creating a safe ambience for both man and machine.

The initiatives of the collective not only showcase its technical expertise but also its commitment to help the plant overcome the constraints posed by the COVID-19 in terms of non- availability of spares and financial crunch.

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