Unawareness! HIV positive man’s body left untouched in Burla’s VIMSAR


Sambalpur: In an incident that still sparks unawareness, the body of an HIV positive was left untouched at the hospital bed in Sambalpur district.

According to sources, sexagenarian (60 years old) man was left at Burla’s VIMSAR hospital on October 23 by a person who mentioned a fake name in the registry book.

The man sought the help of the doctors in order to undergo an operation to be cured of a tumour that developed in his eye. Fearing the tumour to grow into cancer the doctors scheduled the operation on Sunday. Following the regular medical test, the team of doctors found him to be HIV positive.

While the operation was conducted yesterday he succumbed while undergoing treatment at the hospital.

Following this, the body was placed on a hospital bed.

However, what came as a shock was the body remained unclaimed by his relatives and touched by other patients and their attendants for over 12 hours.

Taking the situation into consideration, the hospital authorities informed the cops about the same and kept the body in the morgue.

Reportedly, the body will be preserved in the morgue for approximately 72 hours, sources said.

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