UN employees exposed to sexual misconduct: Survey


United Nations: Findings of a first-ever survey on sexual misconduct at workplaces have revealed that a  third of United Nations employees are victims.

The survey said they have been exposed to sexual harassment.

According to the survey, one in three respondents, or 33 per cent of the total respondents surveyed, indicated to at least one instance of sexual harassment in the past two years.

The survey revealed that the most common type of sexual harassment was jokes pertaining to offensive remarks about appearance, body or sexual activities.

The survey carried out by Deloitte in November said the UN employees were also targeted for unwelcome attempts to draw them into discussion about sexual matters like offensive gestures and touching body parts.

The survey said nearly one in 10 harassers were senior leaders.

The survey has shown the world organization in poor light as it champions equality, dignity and human rights. It has to set a high standard.

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