UK Lifts COVID-19 Restrictions; PM Urges Citizens To Be Cautious


London: The British government on Monday has decided to lift the COVID-19 restrictions. Following this, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is self-isolating after his health minister was infected, urged the public to remain cautious.

The move to reopen the country aims to revive the economy battered by its deepest recession in 300 years. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has defended the decision saying, “If we don’t do it now, then we’ll be opening up in the autumn, the winter months when the virus has the advantage of the cold weather.”

This week’s start of summer school holidays offered a “precious firebreak”, he said.

“If we don’t do it now, we’ve got to ask ourselves, when will we ever do it? So this is the right moment, but we’ve got to do it cautiously.”

Meanwhile, professor Neil Ferguson from Imperial College London warned that Britain was on course for 100,000 cases a day, as the Delta variant of Covid runs out of control.

Britain has been facing a new wave of infections as the daily number topped 50,000. The surge has been mostly led by the Delta variant of the coronavirus.

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